Monday, June 16, 2014

April 7th, 2010- My first Tornado

The early afternoon of April 7th, 2010 provided me the opportunity to document and photograph my first tornado near my hometown. While not an exceptional tornado, it would be the first one I ever seen. A textbook HP supercell would swoop in from my SW and provided the right ingredients to produce a funnel cloud which soon developed into a brief tornado in a corn field directly to my west at the time. It briefly touched down for 23 seconds before lifting.  The storm quickly recycled and a secondary wall cloud soon developed and produced another brief tornado, however this time rain wrapped.

Texbook supercell structure. Clear Slot or RFD notch accompanied by a wall cloud and funnel cloud protruding from the middle.

Soon after a brief touchdown in a corn field to my west.

The firs tornado soon dissipated and the storm recycled producing a secondary tornado 15 min later, this one being rain wrapped.

Another shot of the rain wrapped tornado.